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Hida Scan/EJF

Hida Scan with Ejection Fraction, a two part study to determine the ability of the gallbladder to accumulate, then excretes bile. The first part is done over a one hour period, and can be done on any patient. The second part, the ejection fraction, cannot be done unless proceeded by an ultrasound that indicates that there are no stones in the gallbladder.  

How do I prepare for a Hida Scan/EJF ?

Exam time is 1 ½ hours. 

The patient should be fasting 4 hours prior to the exam. The patient may be asked to change clothes and wear an exam gown. 

Wearing lose fitting jogging clothes with no metal objects may allow you avoid changing clothes. 

A small amount of radioactive substance will be injected into a vein, and images will be acquired for 30 minutes while lying in a reclined position. Images will be acquired of the patient in a reclined position beneath a large specialized camera. After a one hour delay, from the time of the first injection, a second injection of a small of an enzyme will be administered. This will create a contraction of the gallbladder, and a computer-generated image will determine the amount of the contraction. If the Gallbladder excretes less than 35%, there is a possibility of a diseased gallbladder. Your referring physician will notify you of the results and further steps to take. 

Images are acquired and stored digitally, and the report and images will be made immediately available to your referring physician. Following the exam, the patient may resume his/her normal diet and activities.

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