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Liver/Spleen Scan

A study of the function of the liver and spleen in relation to each other and the body’s bone marrow system.

How do I prepare for Liver/Spleen Scan?

Scan time is 1 hour. 

No preparation is necessary. The patient may be asked to change clothes and wear an exam gown. 

Wearing lose fitting jogging clothes with no metal objects may allow you avoid changing clothes. 

A small amount of radioactive substance is injected into a vein. Then, using a large specialized camera, images are acquired of the abdomen in different positions to identify any abnormality of the liver and spleen. The study defines the function as well as the size and shape of these organs as well as how they interact with the bone marrow. 

Images are acquired and stored digitally, and the report and images will be made immediately available to your referring physician

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