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Industrial Medicine Screening

Laborde Diagnostics will perform Digital X-Ray, MRI, or CT of the spine or any other designated body part for pre-employment screening. We also serve as an acquisition site for drug screening. Dr. Laborde also provides certified B-Readings for evaluation for the potential existence of Pneumoconiosis (Silicosis/Asbestos).


  • Lumbar Spine X-Ray: 3 Views or 5 views

  • Cervical Spine X-Ray: 3 Views

  • Chest X-Ray

  • MRI Lumbar Spine Screening

  • MRI Cervical Spine Screening

  • Substitute CT when MRI is not possible

  • Additional imaging of any body part that may have been a focus of prior disease or injury.

  • Blood Drawing

  • Drug Screening 

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