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Thyroid Scan

A 24 hr study that uses oral radioactive iodine to study both the ability of thyroid gland to process iodine, and study its size and shape to localize any small abnormally functioning regions with in the gland. This study is usually accompanies by a thyroid ultrasound for a complete thyroid survey. 

How do I prepare for a Thyroid Scan?

Scan time is 1 hour. 

The patient will be asked to identify all medications they are presently taking especially if related to thyroid function. The patient may be asked to stop taking the thyroid medication for 2 weeks prior to the study. But do not stop taking these medications without first consulting your physician. Instructions will be given at the time of the scheduling of the exam. The patient will be administered a pill containing a small amount of a radioactive compound 24 hours prior to the study. Patient MUST be fasting 4 hours prior to taking pill. The following day, images will be acquired of the patient in a reclined position beneath a large specialized camera. The amount of radioactivity of the thyroid is measured to determine its level of function. Then additional images will be acquired to evaluate the size and shape of the thyroid gland. 

Images are acquired and stored digitally, and the report and images will be made immediately available to your referring physician.

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