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Triple Renal Scan

A study of the three phases of function of the renal system. The compounds can be administered either orally or intravenously, depending on the type of exam that was ordered.

The electronic images are acquired, transmitted and stored in a digital format. The images, with the appropriate reports, are immediately available for transmission to referring physicians. Our facility can also accept similar images from other facilities for comparisons to prior studies. This becomes very important in identifying any pertinent changes in the health status of the region of interest. 

How do I prepare for Triple Renal Scan?

Scan time is 1 ½ hour. 

The patient should be well hydrated. You will be given water to drink upon your arrival as well. This nuclear study involves injecting a small amount of radioactive substance into a vein that is taken up by the kidneys. The patient may be asked to change clothes and wear an exam gown. 

Wearing lose fitting jogging clothes with no metal objects may allow you avoid changing clothes. 

Sophisticated computer images records the uptake of the kidneys in 3 different phases to evaluate renal function. Images will be acquired of the patient in a reclined position beneath a large specialized camera. 

Images are acquired and stored digitally, and the report and images will be made immediately available to your referring physician.

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