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How to open our CD?

  1. Insert CD.

  2. Shortcut instructions will appear.

  3. These instructions may be read and closed upon completion.

  4. Browser will then appear with your patient’s name.

  5. Double click patient for study to appear (If need to return to browser hit space bar).

  6. Go to "Choose Series” tab above image (This represents the patient’s x-ray jacket and contains each series of images).

  7. Place cursor on desired image in series box, left click, drag and drop image in desired window.

  8. Use the mouse wheel to scroll through each image of each series

  9. Above image user will notice (3) squares. These squares are used for layout purposes as follows:

    • Image Layout: to obtain the number of images per series in the window

    • Vertical Layout: to view images in a vertical position

    • Horizontal Layout: to view images in horizontal position

  10. Red "X” closes each individual window

  11. EXAM REPORT: If the CD was created prior to dictation, exam report will not be attached to study. Please contact our Medical Records department at (337)237-3424 if needed.

         If CD was created after dictation, exam report will be available under EXAM REPORT button. 


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